MiniBio – I’m a visual artist, professor and software engineer graduated from National University UNICEN (Tandil) . I was born in Mar del Plata, i worked as a software engineer at different projects and companies as Globant and Technisys in Tandil, Disney and Band of coders in Buenos Aires, Rolex at Matchbox in Paris, mobile app development in Barcelona, ​​etc. In Barcelona i started working on Processing, thats when all the path of my professional career changed, i realised that i could be draw with Java instead of just working for corporations, coding was now a way of self expression. After this, i started doing several workshops in places like Studio NAND (Berlin), Free Art Bureau (Paris) and later in 2013, a Media arts and creative computing Residence at SMU University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in charge of Ira Greenberg. After these experiences, i finished my thesis  on a research and creation of a platform for real time audiovisual productions and generative art using Processing. This assay was presented as a paper on the The World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, WorldCist’22.

I am currently a Profesor at the the National University UNICEN on 2 subjects Transmedia and Interactive Technologies certification program. I still works as a Front end developer and at the same time i try to work on art projects. i have just finished first year on a Master of Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts at the National University UNTREF.